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  1. Is N-acetyl cysteine actually better than takin Glutathione supplements?
    I don’t want to be “white” I just want to even and brighten my skin tone. I have tried L-glutathione but the guy at the health food store said N-acetyl cysteine would actually be better for raising my glutathione levels….because it stays in the body longer….I even heard just Vit. C alone will brighten and even skin tone??? So who wants the best answer from me?

    • I dont think so, I have seen people took NAC and even Cysteine but didnt really lightened at all. Vitamin C can only help Glutathione to stay on its usable and reduced form. It cannot lighten your skin alone. From experience, I found the Glutathione with proper formulation works best. Well maybe its just me. But there are alot of Glutathione users who have seen great results in just a couple months sometimes less. I have also heard that some people experienced headache in taking NAC.

      So I guess ill just stick to a good brand of Glutathione Whitening Pills

      Have you seen http://www.superwhiteningpills.net ? They sell a good formula of Glutathione and its 500mg with other components. I have checked their testimonials and it looks amazing! Maybe will check them soon coz Im desperate to be light-skinned, lol

      Hope that helps

  2. If I take 2000mg of Glutathione instead of 1500mg a day will that speed up the skin lightening process?

    • It’s important to understand that more isn’t always better (in fact, it’s almost never better). Your body can only take in so much nutrient – all the extra is just excreted and you’ll end up wasting your money.

      Orally taking glutathione is not effective since your body will not be able to absorb it in sufficient amounts (this is a well-known fact). But, if you increase your intake of an amino acid called cysteine (not too much, though), this can dramatically increase your body’s ability to create glutathione on its own. Some sources are N-Acetyl Cysteine (in the form of a supplement) and some whey proteins that contain a molecule called Immunocol (this can be found in some organic, lactose-free milk products).

      Hope this helps :)


  3. What are your experiences with taking L-Glutathione?
    Did it improve your skin, solve issues, etc.?

    • L-Glutathione is destroyed in the gut and will not have any effect at all except lightening your wallet.

      Save your money and buy the glutathione precursors- the best studied ones are the drug N acetyl cysteine, as in Max GXL, and bonded cysteine, as is found in mother’s breast milk, and the nutraceutical Immunocal.

      When you raise your glutathione this way, your complexion may improve and you may experience protection from sun damage because you are being detoxified and protected at the cellular level. I take glutathione precursors and live in sunny Arizona, and my skin stays the same shade and rarely burns. I never wear sunscreen and in three years have not darkened at all in my complexion. Glutathione is also a powerful antioxidant which means it can neutralize sun damage at the cellular level.

      Learn more about glutathione side effects here:

  4. Does taking glutathione pills without consultation is safe?
    I have sensitive skin so whenever I use glutathione soap it makes my skin damage although my skin becomes lighter than before but my color is not even too, so I’m wondering if its safe to use glutathione pills without asking for consultation? And if not what should I ask?

    And is there anyone who use glutathione pills without consulting a doctor and never had a problem?

    • Yes, it is safe to take glutathione pills without asking for a consultation, however, taking glutathione pills will not have any effect on you, positive or negative. Save your money. They are useless. The glutathione is broken down and digested in the gut before it can reach your cells intact. The best way to raise your glutathione is to eat the building blocks for your body to make its own glutathione. The most effective ways to do this is with forms of cysteine. Examples of this are the over the counter drug N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), which has potentially serious side effects with long term usage, or bonded cysteine, found in Immunocal, which is much safer overall. Your body takes the form of cysteine and uses it to make the protein glutathione in your cells. The main benefits of raising glutathione are not skin lightening, however, and can be found in the references below.

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