Benefits Of Baking Soda For Face

Most people love a good slice of cake from a bake sale. But, what about those that aren't so fond of sweet treats? Well, even they'd be hard-pushed not to indulge themselves in a small cupcake or two if it's in aid of a good cause - like most bake sales (or cake sales, as we often refer to them in the United Kingdom) are.

One of the most commonly utilised fundraising ideas, people of all ages can get involved in a bake sale. Providing a huge amount of fun for adults and children alike, there are two main stages involved in this particular method of raising money - one of the most effective fundraising ideas.

There's the baking element - a focal point of many fundraising ideas - which is unbelievably fun, and the selling element.

Firstly you have to decide what type of cakes you want to bake and, ultimately sell. As a rule it's best to bake a variety of cakes; this way you could create some that you know are going to be universally loved - i.e. iced cupcakes, jam doughnuts, cherry Bakewells, chocolate muffins etc. - and some that are slightly more unusual - i.e. carrot cake, exotic fruit tarts etc.

You could, for example, as part of your own set of fundraising ideas, decide to customise the decoration on each cake - to sell to a specific person.

By doing this you'll be able to ensure your offerings appeal to everyone, which will ultimately allow you to make more money from this particular venture.

Unlike many fundraising ideas, the fun begins, depending on how much you enjoy walking round supermarkets, straightaway with the purchase of the ingredients. If you're planning on the baking with the kids, why not take them along to give you a hand with sourcing the ingredients?

Once you've got everything together - ready to make your bake sale fundraising ideas a reality - you can begin the baking process. To ensure that the cakes are fresh to be sold at a bake sale, you ideally need to bake them the day before you intend to sell them.

It's also recommended that you cook one batch of cakes or biscuits at a time. Keeping your eye on the timings and the cooking heats needed for each type of cake can prove to be extremely stressful - and remember fundraising ideas, like this one, shouldn't involve any stress.

Having baked your cakes, you'll be ready to start raising the funds that could benefit someone in need considerably. Remember, to book a venue well in-advance and ensure you have permission from the appropriate people. The venue could be a school playground, a village hall or a community centre - as long as you can attract plenty of hungry people, willing to dig deep into their wallets and purses for charity, and you have permission, it doesn't really matter too much.

Fundraising ideas like this one are so amazing because everyone can get involved at all stages. For example, the kids can, obviously with supervision from a responsible adult, partake in the baking and the selling of the cakes.

Another one of the delectable fundraising ideas you could try is a workplace-based cake delivery set-up - where orders are taken, cakes are baked and then delivered. Although the two fundraising ideas are relatively similar, it's certainly possible to raise a significant amount for charity - which is the most important thing.

benefits of baking soda for face

16 thoughts on “Benefits Of Baking Soda For Face

  1. How to get rid of a pimple?
    I have a huge pimple on my nose! It is absolutely ugly and I feel so insecure in school. Is there any natural remedies that can get rid of or atleast reduce redness and size of the pimple within a few hours or overnight. I’ve heard of using toothpaste, baking soda, tree oil, apple cider vinegar and acne creams. I have tried the toothpaste, and it does not work and the ice cube remedy just increases redness but reduces size. Am I doing these procedres wrong, if so, what is the correct method? I have school tomorrow, and need it to disappear A.S.A.P ! Please help ): ..!

  2. Very effective ways to get rid of acne FAST?
    I have, Minor acne. Most of it is just scars though. I really want to get rid of it so my face can clear up for summer. I have baking soda, face masks, face wash, and stuff like that. I heard if you mix baking soda and water and put it on your face it should help. Then I heard about aloe vera. But I don’t know if these work. Does anyone know of ways that will work fast that are all natural and I can do at home?

  3. How long will it take to cure my acne?
    I’m 13 and my acne is sort of bad and it makes me feel really insecure. I have a lot on my forehead, some on my nose, some on my chin, and one pimple on my cheek. Forehead is the worst. At the moment, I wash my face with a drug store acne wash. I wash it every night and then I put aloe vera (gel in the bottle) on my skin and go to bed. I don’t wash my face in the morning. I was thinking about doing the baking soda and water acne wash, but I’m afraid it won’t help. If I did try this remedy, how long would it take to make my acne go away? And if I continue my drug store acne wash and aloe how long will that take? If you have more tips or suggestions don’t be afraid to say them. (Please don’t say get pro active or something. I can’t afford it at the moment)

  4. How to get rid of a pimple?
    I have a huge pimple on my nose! It is absolutely ugly and I feel so insecure in school. Is there any natural remedies that can get rid of or atleast reduce redness and size of the pimple within a few hours or overnight. I’ve heard of using toothpaste, baking soda, tree oil, apple cider vinegar and acne creams. I have tried the toothpaste, and it does not work and the ice cube remedy just increases redness but reduces size. Am I doing these procedres wrong, if so, what is the correct method? I have school tomorrow, and need it to disappear A.S.A.P ! Please help ): ..!

  5. Can washing your face with Baking Soda and a face wash help….?
    If you mix baking soda and your facewash together and scrub your face with it, can it help get rid of acne? Also, can it help reduce the appearance of scars? Has anyone tried this or know the effects? What are the results?

    • I tried this and it is my miracle worker for getting rid of acne.

      • Make sure your face wash is gentle and doesn’t contain acids so get something like Cetaphil or a gentle cleanser.
      • Mix the two (baking soda and face wash) into a fine paste and rub it gently on to your face for about 1-2 minutes.
      • After that let it dry on your face (you may feel a lot/some tingling but, it’s normal…if it burns take it off right away) for 3-5 minutes,you’ll know it’s done when you cant make any facial expressions at all.
      •Wash it off with cool water and pat your face dry, after that apply a moistoriser right after because for some people it leaves their face red and dries out their skin.

      Like any other mask/scrub do it every 3 days and your acne will begin to go away in a few days.

      I was breaking out and nothing got rid of my acne which was annoying me, my older sister recommended this to me saying how most people said it worked and all. I tried it a couple of days later and it worked, like the next day my acne was going away making me super happy.


      ***Also if you have acne scars then substitute the fash wash with lemon juice. (if you hear the baking soda and lemon juice sizzle when mixing together its normal). It has to be lemon juice.

      Baking soda has a lot of health benefits and lemon is known as a natural whitener.

  6. How can i clear my face back up?
    My break outs have never really been that bad. I don’t eat a lot of junk and have a soda only occasionally. I recently started taking a teen vitamin. In the past few days my face has been breaking out and getting a lot worse. I’ve tried so many cleansers, spot treatments, baking soda, tooth paste, I feel like i’ve tried it all. I’m 16 and i want to go back to my clear face! Help?!

    • I had the same problem and I LOVVVEE Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream it works wonderful for any skin type and it’s not specifically for acne but it’s a miracle worker, it even works on blackheads!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m just pre-warning you, it has Eucalyptus oil in it and I was majorly ify when I first bought it after using Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, St. Ives, Stridex, etc. With many failed attempts but it actually doesn’t make your face oily I have oily skin and this is the only cleanser that I’m able to use that gets rid of blemishes and controls the oil on my face without drying it out like sandpaper. It’s an AMAZING product that my mom even used when she was my age (and she’s old lol) but I think anyone can benefit from this plus, it’s only $4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a great quality product for a reasonable price. And even though it’s not specifically for acne, it really helps!!!!!!!!! read the 60+ reviews on this at

  7. What are some of your favorite beauty secrets?
    Some of my “secrets” are that I never wash my hair two days in a row, and I put vitamin E on the ends . . . it really helps my hair stay healthy and soft. I also use baking soda on zits and boils to help them dry up.

    what are your beauty secrets?
    I mix the baking soda with a little water so it forms a paste, then I just glob it on my zit. I try to keep it on over night, or whenever I’m just around the house. It usually crust off after you move your face alot, but its still has a thin layer. Try it, it’s awsome!

  8. Can you use baking soda and apple cider vinegar on your face at the same time?
    I know that they are both good for your skin, but do they still have the same benefits after they are mixed together and a chemical reaction has taken place?

    • I don’t think so! If they are to tighten pores, they make great facial mask. Add some natural flavored yogurt to add hydrating and exfoliating effects plus honey to make it thicker and more moisturizing. Leave it on until it dries up or turns flaky. (around 10-15 minutes should do it)

      After you do that, you might want to use alcohol-free astringent after you wash you face. Willow bark astringent is great for acne prone skin.
      Hope this helps!

  9. How to get rid of blackheads on my nose?
    I have blackheads on my nose and it’s really oily, I’m kind of poor right now so a cheap and easy way would be better. At home I have this Isocol Rubbing Alcohol (Antiseptic), baking soda and Neutrogena (Skin Cleaning: Blackhead Cleanser).
    Could you tell me what I could use using those ingredients? You can list other methods too!
    Thank You!

  10. What are baking soda face masks used for?
    I get that it’s good for your face, but I really don’t know the benefits from it. Like does it help with acne, acne scars, minimizing pores, wrinkles, or what?
    Also, how do you make it, is it just baking soda and water?

    • It’s just a gentle way of exfoliating your skin, which in turn promotes skin cell renewal and can minimize the appearance of dark spots over time. I don’t think it helps at all with minimizing pores… but skin cell renewal overall is extremely beneficial.

      it’s 3 parts baking soda and 1 part water. it should make a paste and then rub that onto your face in circular motion.

      Hope this Helps,

  11. Is pure olive oil along with baking soda ok to use on acne scars?
    I heard that olive oil is very good for the skin and hair. But instead of extra virgin olive oil, will I still get the same benefits with pure olive oil?
    Like I said, i would be using it with baking soda to help fade my acne scars, and moisturize. Or is this a bad idea all together?

    • dude olive oil is good for your hair and maybe for your skin, but do not put it on a infected acne (pimple) area because the oil obviously have nutrients and it will keep feeding the affected area making it bigger, you always want to keep your face oil free when having acne, clean it with cotton, watch what you eat (no junk food) exercise and try to have less stress,

      Oil from the olives + acne = really bad idea.

      olive oil for hair = good idea

      alcohol pads. face cleaners, keep face away from oils and dirt, and then exercise and good diet = good idea

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