16 thoughts on “Does Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream Work

  1. Does Porcelana Night Skin Lightening Cream work?
    Please answer.
    I got tanned really bad from the sun.
    I just want to go back to my normal skin color.
    PLS dont give me a link

    • On your case NO Porcelana fade cream to eliminate freckles, sun spots
      acne scars or any dark spot you’ve on your skin it has Bleaching ingredient
      caller hydroquinone this very strong chemicals this only can be used
      on small areas on the skin.

      it Not good to use all over the Body use papaya soap called Likas and Nivea
      natural Tone Body lotion even to make the skin lighter more even also cocoa butter
      lotion and exfoliating takes away the tan fast I hope I helped.

    • Use a hydroquinone cream (e.g., Porcelana, Esoterica) morning and night for 6-8 weeks, and stay out of the sun. If in the sun, use a sunscreen. It is better that the sunscreen be built into the cream when you buy it; if the sunscreen is applied over the fading cream, it will dilute the concentration of hydroquinone, making it slower and less effective.

  2. What products will whiten my skin?
    What brands of products can help whiten my skin? I have a natural tanned skin and I want it to lighten up now. And if you can help can it not be extremely expensive. Thank you :)

    • These are some things that I use:
      1.Veet hair bleach- I found this at a dollar store in my town. I only pay $2 dollars for two 1.7fl Oz tubes that have to be mixed. I don’t know if walmart has it but I have seen other hair bleaching creams for about $5. Hair removing creams also whiten skin, so you could give those a try. They do smell kinda bad though.
      2. Concha Nacar bleach cream- I found this at a place called fiesta in houston, tx. It is a face bleaching cream and works really well. I found a 2 Oz container for $4.
      3. Porcelana brand night skin lightening cream- I found this at walmart for $4 and it’s 3 Oz. Leave it on overnight and you will have clearer skin in the morning.
      *These last two products do have hydroquinone.
      Good luck finding something that works!

  3. How to lighten my skin fast!?
    So my face is light ,but my stomach and legs are medium brown is there anyway to get them lighten fast? Please answer with helpful answers !

    • dont know if this will work, but maybe use porcelana’s skin lightening day and night creams? its meant for lightening dark spots but who knows? test an inconspicuous spot before using all over though. dont know how it will react on your skin. that, or just wait, winters around the corner and in a few months the skin should lighten up on its own…a way to quicken it is to exfoliate often in the tub using a scrub

  4. What does cocoa butter do to the skin?
    I just bought cocoa butter (fresh, nothing added just plain coa coa butter) and I am wondering what does it to to the skin?

    Does it even out skin tone?

    Or is it any ordinary cream?

    Since I have used it my skin is more moisturised.

    Thanks x


    • Its a very good moisturizer. Some people say it stops stretch marks during pregnancy. It does not contain any lightening ingredients. You need something that contains hydroquinone it fades dark spots and evens out the skintone by lightening it slightly. AMBI fade cream or porcelana night cream are good ones. Lemon, Lime and tomato juice are all natural home remedies. Just apply them to your face before bed.

  5. Can you use Porcelana Day Skin Lightening Cream At Night Time ?

  6. Does Porcelana Day Skin Lightening Cream really work?
    I want to know if it works before I buy it.

    • No Never use it on day light this face cream makes
      your skin very sensitive to the sun so it can make
      your skin Bright red.

      use the Porcelana Night cream this works great use
      it only on your acne scars at day light wash it off
      use HIGH spf like 30 to 40.

  7. Will I get Lighter skin by doing this?
    I take 1 vitamin C pill in the morning.(I heard it can lighten skin.)
    In the afternoon, I spray lemon juice on my face and leave on for 15 minutes.
    In the night i use Porcelana Night Skin Lighten Cream.
    I also use sunscreen SPF 50 everytime i go outside.

    If it does lighten my skin,how fast do you think I will see results.

    • Yes you will however, wear a hat when you go out because lemon juice on your face can also get you DARK if you expose yourself even with a high spf like that. Also exfoliation will help get you lighter. It should take about a month for you to get a few lighter shades but keep in mind it also depends on how dark/tan you are.

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