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  1. Does Porcelana Fade Cream actually work?
    I had acne before, and now they have left marks on my cheeks and forehead. I’ve tried bunch of creams and home remedies, but none work. Is Porcelana Fade Cream any good. If yes, daytime or night time?

    • Anything with hydroquinone in it will work. I believe Porcelana has hydroquinone in it so it will work, but any other brand, including generic will work too. Use it at night and use sunscreen during the day. You need to use it for about a month before you can tell. So, don’t get discouraged and quit.

  2. Porcelana fade cream for balanced skin tone?
    I got the DAY skin lighjtening cream for dark spots and evening your skin tone……Does it actually fade your skin color?????? I have a few dark scars that i want faded …but does it bleach the skin …like will i have a white patch???????
    I don’t want permanent bleached spots or skin though.Not sure if it will.

  3. Porcelana fading cream is turning me pink helpp!!?
    Well I had the cream to use on my skin discoloration from picking scabs on my face and wooo! Some are fading and some are turning redish pink?! This makes my skin look so clear :D but my forehead has two swollen under skin pimples and is really red …?
    Oh btw I put the cream on only the brownmarks.

    • A couple of possibilities here: one is a known one, that occasionally the Porcelana clogs up a pore and induces a pimple; the other is that you’re becoming allergic to the chemical, and are developing a localized allergic reaction. If this latter is the case, then you have to be careful that you don’t get a reverse reaction to the cream, and actually turn darker in the areas being treated.

  4. What are good scar fading creams available on amazon?
    That actually work and improves and fades scars.

    • Ambi fade cream
      Porcelana fade cream
      dermisa fade cream

      Esoterica fade cream
      Mederma fade cream
      Bio oil

  5. Does this product really work?
    I wanted to know if Porcelana Fade Cream actually worked? My mom and I recently started using it to fade our freckles, and if any of you have used it before or know someone who used it, I’d appreciate it if you would tell me if it worked or not. Thank you so much for you time and help!

  6. Anyone ever use a cream that actually faded age spots?
    I have one on my cheek that peeks through my make up even under concealer. I would love to avoid the lazer if at all possible.

    • porcelana.

      you can get it at walmart.

      works like a charm, you can see results in about 3 weeks. :]

      the jar is only like $5

  7. How to remove acne scars or dark spots?
    Hello, how can I get rid of acne scars or black spots without laser or expensive treatments? How can I hydrate my face ?

    • There are inexpensive “bleaching” creams you can buy at the drug store. I use porcelana for mine, but it has a very thick texture. There are several. Bio-oil works for me too. For me, I had to use ponds after the bleaching to rehydrate. I use a thin layer under my makeup during the day too. After using the ponds (actually the generic version from rite aid worked better, smelled better, and didn’t clog my pores) for about 3 days, I noticed a huge difference in my skin. My fine lines disappeared and I had “bounce” back in my face. My face actually cleared up after using the bleaching too, either from the ingredients, or because I had started paying more attention to my face, I’m not sure which. Even the dark circles under my eyes faded, and my freckles were a little lighter. My face didn’t turn “white”, the color just seemed to even out, like the yellow I get around my mouth, red on my cheeks, blue under my eyes….after a while it just seemed to all look normal again. I hope this helped. :)

      -also worth noting, anything with Vitamin E in it worked wonders because it heals your skin cells. Drink lots of water, and always wear sunscreen outside!

  8. How do I get rid of the bags under my eyes?
    I heard cucumbers, but what should I use that isn’t expensive?
    Forgot to add, what to get rid of bags, AND as importantly, their blackness.

    • Actually, rub a little Preparation-H on the bags and it will reduce the swelling. (Old Hollywood trick.) Works. The skin under the eyes is thin and allows veins to show thru. This makes the area look dark and how dark can very from individual to individual. Some people have a lot of pigment there as well. If it’s not lack of sleep or allergies, you might try a little nighttime Porcelana Fade cream to see if that doesn’t lighten it for you some. (It’s not expensive and can get a Walmart. Prep-H as well.)

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