15 thoughts on “What Skin Bleaching Cream Did Michael Jackson Use

  1. Will making my skin lighter and having blue eyes make me look beautiful?
    I am a black person. Have brown skin. I always want to know what it feels like to be white. I am thinking of buying bleach cream just to lighten up my skin. I don’t have to be fully white like Michael Jackson. But just light brownish would be alright. Also add blue eyes.

    I’m planing to see an eye doctor to look into some color contacts. Does anyone know how much the cost will be? I’ll be happy with just the temp ones.

    So will being light skin, and blue eyes make me look hot?

    • Everyone is beautiful in their own way. (not to sound cheesy) it doesn’t matter if you have dark skin or light sheer skin. But if having lighter skin will make you more confident. Go for it. And I think you’ll look gorgeous either way. Oh and word of advice, don’t get too blue of contacts!! They look rather creepy than flattering. Get a neutral blue(:

  2. How can i have whiter skin?
    I know some of you are gonna say you are who you are or tan skin is better. But i really want to ask this question and get helpful answers. Please don’t say ask Michael Jackson either. I don’t want to do skin bleaching because i think that is gross. I have tried milk and lemon but i don’t think it’s working that well. I live in a small town so i only have drugstores and walmart to work with. PLEASE HELP!

    • 1. Stay out of the sun. Skin pales in darkness and tans in sunlight. Stay out of the sun or wear the highest SPF you can find. Always head for the shade.

      2.Wear more clothes. The less skin exposed to the light, the less chance you will have to tan.

      3.Change your appearance. Dye your hair black, or wear dark clothes. Artists understand the value of contrast: wearing dark makes your skin seem lighter. Make-up can also pale your complexion.

      4.Take Care of Your Skin. Wash, moisturize, exfoliate and ensure your skin is healthy. Healthy skin will help.

      5.Use a whitening cream. Whitening creams are amazing, and can really lighten skin. Choose a safe product and read all warnings! Alternatively, you can look up natural methods for whitening. Milk, for example, is a natural skin whitener.

      6.Hide. Its kinda weird, but staying inside and in the dark is the best way to maintain pale skin. Turn off the lights and hide in your room.

  3. How do I bleach my skin so that I can be white like Michael Jackson?
    I hear so many people say Michael Jackson bleached his skin and that is how he became so light skinned. What bleach product would he have used if he did bleach himself? And wouldn’t regular beach burn his skin? I don’t think there is any such product that can bleach a persons skin so light like Michael Jackson. There has to be some other method.

    • Michael Jackson suffered from vitiligo, which causes the skin to become white in patches – one of my best friends has it – so he wore makeup to even it out so that his visible skin was fully white. you can buy bleaching creams – no, you don’t bleach yourself with straight bleach, that’s just stupid – although they’re not recommended for just anybody without a medical reason.

  4. Where can I go and how much does it cost to make my skin white?
    I live in the state of hawaii. I am a black person, that wants to lighten my skin. Like
    Michael Jackson white. Or maybe just tan light.

    Anyone know who I see to do that? And how much it cost to get it done?
    Please I need serous answers! And no I want to make my skin light. What I alway wanted. Now please be serous or don’t answer. Thanks

    • I think you can go to a local plastic serguon and they will have an industrial bleaching cream they can apply. But just keep in mind that your skin cells are constantly regenerating so youd have to constantly get your skin bleached in order to stay your desired color but if that isnt an option or you dont want to bleach it you can go to this website
      And heres a cream thats permanent ! Good luck hope i helped

  5. How should I make my skin lighter?
    I don’t want to look funny buying skin bleach creams at Walmart!

    • Ha well, wear a lot of sun screen. It’ll take a while but it gets your skin kinda lighter. And drink a lot of water.
      And I am seriously tired of answers like, “Ask Michael Jackson”
      Its rude ok?
      And first of all he got lighter like that because he had a disease.

  6. does your complexion return to its normal color after using skin bleaching creams?
    Now…idk what the fuck michael jackson did 2 his self but that not my goal… for example black and white bleaching cream…clears your skin and makes it shades lighter if that’s ya wish. People who actuaetly knows the answer or used a product like or the exact one I mentioned or is a dermatologist it would be extra banging if ya spoke on ma ?

  7. How can I bleach my skin like Michael Jackson?
    I wanted to be lighter. I have extremely dark skin, more than average for my race. I’m also darker in certain spots. I have become a recluse lately.

  8. How do I lighten/whiten my skin?
    How do I lighten/whiten my skin? Could you please suggest products that I can use? Do those bleach tablets work? Creams?

    NOTE: I don’t need answers telling me to ask Michael Jackson OR lecture me about being comfortable/content with my own skin color.

    Thank you very much and Happy New Year!

    • *Stay out of the sun espeacially 10am-6pm
      *well covered dress
      *Sunscreen: at least 20SPF
      *Whitening/brithening cosmetic range: Dior Snow
      *Cosmetic product with AHA: In natural, You can use tomato, cucamber, orange+lemon juice
      *Using scrub or exfoliatation product to exfliate your old skin

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