4 thoughts on “Vaseline Healthy White Uv Lightening

  1. Which of the 2 body lotion is better?
    I am in the middle of either vaseline and nivea.
    1) Nivea Whitening Cell Repair and UV Protect Body Lotion
    2) Vaseline – Healthy White Skin Lightening Lotion

    I am not sure which one is better. I am planning to use it for all over my body ( duh) but i do not know which one will actually help to lighten and lose the tan 2 shades lighter.

    • Vaseline Healthy White is lightweight lotion good normal skin

      Nivea Whitening lotion is good for dry skin is creamy super hydrating.

  2. does Vaseline healthy white body milk reely helps in lightening ur skin?
    if any one has used it………did u notice any improvement???
    and my skin is very sensitive…only my legs and hands are slightly tanned……….sooo can this cream be used for sensitive skin????

    • Hi! Im a user of Vaseline Healthy White. I really find it good. It doesnt just lightens but it mosturises ur whole body and saves u from that harmful UV rays…

      Best Wishes.

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