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  1. If i just discovered small genital warts i know its a concern but can i get rid of them a.s.a.p?
    Scared but want to do the RIGHT THing HeLP!

  2. What do you use to make your horse stand out in the show ring?
    I was wondering what products you use to make ur horse stand out in the show ring? How do you make them shiny? And do you have any tips and tricks to making them stand out?

  3. I have some skin problems?? Please Help?
    Hi, please be patient to read my prob man..Thanks!!

    I just need some desperate advice here on my skin especially on my face and some parts of my body. See well, I get a bit of what looks like a real real uneven tanning on my face, (I know some people are gonna say suncreen and cover up) but I did all those already. Weird part is i don’t understand why my upper neck which is appiled with sunscreen does not tan at all but only my face does even though with sunscreen applied.

    Thing is I just wanna ask, instead of all those home remedies that consist of tomatoes or lemons or those damn whitening creams which I do not wanna resort to!!, perhaps there could be a simple other overlooked problem… Like maybe in my body or something. For instance, I do actually take in a lot or excessive iron in my diet which they say can cause uneven tanning or something. (Haemochromatosis).. Or could someone please tell me whether it could be diabetes or some sort, Maybe my too much healthy diet is not good too?! I really don’t know. Even in some areas (genital), are not exposed to the sun but they look really uneven as compared to the majority of skin in my body.

    So all I wanna know is, if someone knows about the internal cause please let me know what others are there and how to solve them, I mean it could be my liver or something I really don’t know…help please??? Thanks

    P.S I am a male, 21 years old, consumes a healthy diet and exercises everyday!!

    • It could very well be the hormones? Do you take any vitamins and/or supplements? I would try to slow down on those two if you do take them daily.

      It could also be from being exposed to, to much UV. Do you tan a lot? Do you go in the sun a lot? Tanning booths? Sometimes brown spots will appear if you do.

      But since it is effecting areas that are not being exposed to sun then it is deff something inside. I would try to cut down on vitamins and supplements and then really go see a dermatologist. I would not risk it as it could be something serious.

      So sorry I could not help more.
      Good Luck

  4. HPV and men?
    I had a one-night stand with a woman, no protection. Stupid, I know. She emailed me the next week and told me that she recently had surgery for cancer caused by HPV. She said she is now clear, but there is not 100% chance of not having it be contagious.

    Can anyone tell me about my risk of contracting HPV? Do I have to tell future partners about this? Thanks for the help.

  5. State how the diagnois can be confirmed and how the disease can be treated?
    1. Gential Warts
    2. Chlamydia
    3.Gential Herpes

    • 1. Genital warts: Usually diagnosed visually. Can also biopsy cervix and examine microscopically. Some flat or invisible warts can be seen by applying vinager on it. The acetic acid whitens the infected areas so the physician can see them. Women should also have HPV test done. Imiquimod cream, TCA, podophyllin and surgical removal.

      2. Chlamydia: Laboratory testing; DNA probe, PCR or culture. Doxycycline.

      3. Genital Herpes: Frequently by examining the vesicles (sores). Laboratory tests include culture and ELVIS.
      Acyclovir and other anti-virals.

      4. Trichomonasis: Most frequently seeing the parasite in wet mount preparation. Also culture and EIA methods.
      Flagyl is drug of choice.

      5. Syphilis: Early stages a darkfield microscopic exam of chancre can be done. This technique is not used very often anymore, but you could see the actual Treponemes microscopically. Laboratory tests; RPR or VDRL screening tests. If positive must be confirmed by Treponeme specific test; FTA-ABS or TP-PA tests. Penicillin is still the drug of choice for syphilis.

    • I believe you are referring to “Anal Bleaching”. This has become quite popular lately. People do it to take away dark colored or stained looking genital/anal areas. It’s purely cosmetic. Many salons and spas offer anal bleaching services for upwards of $100. The ingredient most often used is Hydroquinone. You can buy the same creams online for much cheaper and do it yourself at home. However, be aware that there are always risks with such treatments. Follow the directions and watch skin for irritation. bleachbum.com offers Hydroquinone at a ,ow price.

  6. How to whiten the crotch area?
    effectively, fast, cheap(if possible)…..please??? because i want to be a model and models cant have dark crotch thats like gross! im male by the way….would love to try anything just to whiten as long as there is no surgical operations involve but “alternative medicine” way would be good too, if there is…..please help me….. thanks!

  7. HPV. Should you tell the boy you are with that you have it? Because that means he gave it to you?
    When boys get tested for STD’s, are they tested for that? is there even a test for it?

  8. Will putting lemon juice on my vajajay help to lighten the skin?
    I’m pretty white but my private areas are brown! I’m told that this is totally normal and that it is because of increased blood flow to that area but man it is SO unattractive too me!! How could a guy ever want to go down on something like THAT!?! If I rub a lemon on my area will it whiten it? How long will it take? I just don’t want to use skin whitening products or expensive things or whatever so please help me with this. Thanks in advance.

    • well, first off, all girls are like that so if a guy went down on you and you werent, THEN he would think you were unattractive. Second, lemon juice does not really work anyways, but on a sensitive, absorbant area like your genitals, I would not put anything like that( an acid) near it!

  9. how to whiten the skin of genital area inner thighs to be specific?
    my inner thigh and pubic area skin is much darker than the rest of my body.i heard people use bleaching as a method to whiten that area.but isnt bleaching on delicate parts dangerous?please give a detailed insight to this topic.what products can i use.

    • You Bleach your skin to lighten it.*OR You could use natural ingredients to make a skin lightening cream at home. Such ingredients include lemon juice, almond powder and ground turmeric.


  10. Questions about STDs?
    According to the National Institute of Allergies & Infectious Diseases, Human Papillomavirus is among the most common causes of sexually transmitted infections in the world.(1) In the United States, it is estimated that there are more cases of genital human papillomavirus infections than any other sexually transmitted diseases; indeed, according to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 20 million people are currently infected and at least 50% of sexually active men and women acquire a genital HPV infection at some point in their lives. The CDC estimates that by age 50, at least 80% of women will have acquired a genital HPV infection, and about 6.2 million Americans get a new genital HPV infection each year.(2)
    There are more than 100 different strains of HPV, as it is commonly referred to, most of which are harmless. However, an estimated 30 types of HPV are spread through sexual contact; some of which can cause genital warts.(3) Also called condylomata acuminata or venereal warts, genital warts typically appear in “clusters” of bumps. The warts can appear either as raised or flat and range in size from small to large. Common locations for the warts in women include the vulva, cervix, and inside and surrounding the vagina and anus. Genital warts typically appear on the scrotum or penis in men who are affected. The warts are highly contagious and can easily be spread during vaginal or anal sex with an infected partner. Rarely, genital warts also can develop in the mouth or throat after having oral sex with an infected partner. Genital HPV infections often do not have any symptoms; however, even without obvious symptoms, HPV can still be spread from partner to partner.

    Warts are usually diagnosed, even in absence of symptoms, by sight. Gynecologists can confirm the diagnosis in suspected cases by applying acetic acid (vinegar) to the infected areas, causing the areas to whiten and making the warts more visible. Abnormal Pap Smears can also result in the presence of a cervical HPV infection.

    There is no cure for HPV. There are, however, treatments for the warts, including topical agents such as Imiquimod, Podophyllin Antimitotic solution, Podofilox, Fluorouracil cream and Trichloroacetic acid. Genital warts can also be removed surgically through cryosurgery, which freezes them, electrocautery, which burns them, or laser. As there is no cure for human papillomavirus, the warts may come back even after definitive treatment.

    HPV is more than just an STD. Some forms of the virus can actually can cause cancers of the cervix, vulva, anus, and penis.(4) Genital warts can also cause problems during pregnancy, ranging from vaginal obstruction to the development of warts in the throat of the infant (laryngeal papillomatosis).(5) Early diagnosis and intervention in a patient with genital warts are crucial for successful treatment.
    According to the University of Iowa Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, there are three ways to decrease exposure to HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases: use of condoms, which can lower the risks of exposure; monogamous relationships; and complete abstinence.(6) The University is currently conducting important research towards a possible vaccine through their study on HPV types 6, 11, 16, and 18. For more information or to participate, please see http://obgyn.uihc.uiowa.edu/futureii.htm


    from http://www.emedicine.com/med/topic1037.h… and http://www.associatedcontent.com/content

    • yep HPV SUCKS!!! and it sucks that people dont really know about it….but more people should read about it because it is soo common among women….

  11. how to clean dark spots in elbows, knees, neck and genital area(legs area to be exact)?
    I had gained weight over the years, but I finally lost some many pounds and my question is what can I do to clean black spot on my neck, armpits, and elbow ?what should I buy or is there any homemade product or solution to clean and make it go back to my skin color? I also gained black spot around both of my legs in between my genitals, what can I do to clean that, I shaved and it looks disgusting and is I guess a turn off for my girlfriend, what can I do that is not harmful in the area I am a white person and it looks not so good? Please help me? Or what sort of hygiene habit I need to get into to prevent this from happening?

    • You can try a skin bleaching or whitening system. They usually have them at department stores.

  12. How to cure uneven skin tones in the genital area?
    I have a WAY darker skin tone on my vagina, and upperupperupper thigh near the vagina, when the rest of my body is just a darker tan. I asked my (this isn’t meant to be racist) white friends about it, and for them, it’s the other way around, they have a whiter skin tone on there vagina. Is there any homemade remedies to whiten my genital skin colour? It’s so weird and it wasn’t like this before..

  13. discolored skin near genitals and armpits wats up wit dat!!?
    i dont know y i got dis im not fat at all , and i dont have no aids either so basicly i just gotta big question mark on my head.

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