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  1. Get back to my original colour?
    Dont get me wrong,i love being dark.I used to be caramel coloured (like rihanna) but i got WAY darker (like kelly rowland). How can I get back to my original colour? Will lemon juice work?

    • I don’t think anything will work besides bleaching cream(if you want the fast unhealthy way). But i do not suggest that you use bleaching cream. The only safe and healthy way is to stay out of the sun and use cocoa butter to keep skin color even. And drink plenty of water(8 glasses a day) to keep body and skin hydrated and your skin will have a healthy “glow” and be as smooth as cotton and eventually it will get lighter. hope this helped.

  2. Do you think the crazy colour red will come out properly in my hair ?
    OK so i love the crazy colour Red (Rihanna Red).. and i was wondering if it would come out in my hair,, my hair is darkish brown with like a small tint of red in it from die-in it, i would really love this colour so if any of you have any experience please let me no thanks, oh and as-well i dont want to bleach my hair with peroxide :)

  3. What are some good skin bleaching creams for african americans?
    Some really good ones like the one that rihanna used.
    Im about the color that she was before she bleached herself like im mexican and black.
    i like my skin color it’s really nice BUT i want to be just a little bit lighter.
    Im aware of the dangers of skin bleaching ive seen the photos and read the blogs i know about the home remedies of milk licorice extract lemons honey and all of that good stuff. What are the creams?
    Please and Thankyou?:)

    • Same reason why Rihanna is light, they use Bleaching cream, which is a shame because all skin colours are beautiful.

  4. PLZ HELP!! I dyed my hair burgundy color. But my hair is still black?
    I just dyed my hair using Revlon color n care permanent hair color cream.
    I didn’t bleach my hair. my hair is still black.
    Am I done it wrong?

    • I have been in that problem black is the darkest colour for hair is therefore lighter colours would bounce off I bleached it a now I have slighty darker hair colour than rihannas I say you should bleach it or if your hair colour is not naturally black use colour remover, but you are most likely to see it in
      The sunlight :) hope I helped!xx

  5. How come light skin is considered feminine in most cultures?

    Generally speaking, in most Asian, African, Latin cultures lighter colored women are considered more physically attractive.

  6. What was the name of the skin bleaching Rihanna used to become ligthskinned?
    I would like the name

    • What made you believe that she used a skin-lightening cream? Her father is almost white.

  7. Who is starting to change their mind about Rihanna ?
    Does anyone think she’s one of those fake nice, man stealing, attention seeking girls. I think her display with Jay-Z at the Grammys, was a bit much . I know they were joking around but, she has a rummored reputation of dating guys in relationships. Then all the stories about her dating exclusively out of her race and slathering on Ambi (bleaching cream) . I loved her when she first came out. Even though I new her voice wasn’t strong. Because I liked her style, and her island pop sound . But know she’s trying to look all vampy. And flirting with all these random guys ! Josh Harnett, Shia La Beouf, Chris Brown, Omarion, possibly Jay-Z .

    • most people have to be fake thats how they make there living.If they stayed acting like them self ‘s they might not ever make no money.It does not bother me about nothing they do it’s there life.

  8. Is anyone noticing females ages 21-23 starting to lose hair?
    This is the time to be beautiful and attractive…even I’m starting to lose hair! I used to have such thick hair–u wouldn’t even imagine!

  9. omg im confused is skin bleaching real ?
    i have been hearing alot about skin bleaching and i thought that the mj thing was a joke lol then someone told me it wasnt im sooo confused then i just heard that rihanna might have bleached her skin and omg is it accualy possible anyways i mean can u accualy bleach your skin :S ???? thanx for helping

    • Yes it is. However, Michael Jackson reportedly had a medical condition called Vitiligo, a disorder that attacks one’s own melanin cells. It causes one to lose the colouring in their skin. It seems to begin in the center of the face and move outward and also at the feet and hands and move inward. It tends to happen slowly over time but it can happen much quicker.
      As for skin lighteners, there are various creams on the market that will slightly lighten one’s skin. They have an ingredient called hydroquinone, but from what I have heard, abuse and overuse can have the opposite effect. They are mainly designed for lightening dark spots on the skin, pregnancy mask, etc. If you are thinking about skin lighteners, DO YOU RESEARCH!…

  10. Who are the top celebrities who bleach their skin(honestly)?
    From extreme skin cream bleachers, skin laser surgery. topical treatments and etc, who are the top who bleach their skin AND DON’T SAY MICHAEL JACKSON PLEASE! I especially want celebrities from Black/African, South Asian,and Latin. Just in case anyone is asking I’m doing it based on this chemistry project I’m working on about skin bleaching effecting the skin.
    Thank you lulu, this definantley helps as well:-)
    Thank you too Battery.:-) It’s like you, lulu, and others who are helpful with my project. I’m going to makie it in my first power point too.

  11. what is the best bleach skin cream for me???
    i am a hispanic girl with black in me and when i am in the sun i just get really dark but not toooo dark but pretty dark and i hate it! i want to have the real hispanic glow skin i don’t want to be very dark. i want the skin of Rihanna or just a very pretty skin tone similar to hers. so can u please help me get the perfect skin cream for the perfect skin tone??? thank you :D

    • Use palmers skin whitening bleach creme. It comes in a red and whit box u can get it from CVS or the beauty supply store. It may be at Rite Aide. It will help tone and lighten ur skin at the same time. I know because my mom used to use it but stopped once she came back from Africa. She had this really nice complexion that was even and clear. She got darker because its hot in Africa but the creme kept her complexion even. The goal is not to get too light but have an even complexion. Alos use PLENTY of sunscreen when you use bleaching creme.

  12. Question about skin lightning of rihanna and beyonce?
    I have seen some change in their pics does they use any skin lightning cream (like nafia,meladerm or nur 76) and what it’s name or use bleach or skin surgery.

  13. How do doctors bleach your skin?
    Im going to a dermetologist and want to know if any doctor could bleach my skin and make me lighter like rihanna or beyonce an adult that im friends with told me that the doctors would prescribe you a pill but it would cost a lot is that true? i used 2 think that they wud poor bleach on yo skin or you would have to sit in a tub full of bleach or sumthing. lol but how exactly do doctor’s bleach your skin?

    • Hydroquinone is a substance that bleaches your skin. It is found in many bleaching creams that you rub on hyperpigmented spots to even out your skin tone. Some people with vitiligo (a condition with spots showing no pigmentation) will take hydroquinone in a pill form and this will totally remove all the pigment in their skin so they look even. This is what Michael Jackson did. I don’t think there’s a way to just lighten your skin without making you look like Mike. I would recommend that you just be happy with your skin color, you don’t need to look like rihanna to be beautiful. ALSO, DO NOT TAKE HYDROQUINONE CREAM ORALLY, IT HAS A LOT OF THINGS IN IT THAT AREN’T MEANT TO BE TAKEN ORALLY AND COULD MAKE YOU VERY SICK OR WORSE. Your best bet is to speak with a dermatologist and go from there.

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