21 thoughts on “Best Lightening Soap For Black People

  1. How to get a lighten black hair with common products?
    I have black hair and want to get a dark brown tint or color to it. if i use a bit of lemon juice will this work? how could i bleach it so it slightly turns brown?
    i dont want to strip the color out that much i only want it a tiny bit lighter

  2. What is the fastest way to get rid of black elbows?
    what is the fastest way to get rid of black elbows at home? please help im 14 and my elbows are black so im embarrassed to take off my jacket.

    • Here’s what you will need, an empty jar, palmers coacoa butter (the kind that comes in a push up tube, its smells really strong), ambi bleaching cream, and ambi soap! Combine the coacoa butter stick and the bleaching cream together and mix well! Apply this mixture to the elbows twice a day, and rub in well! Also wash the elbows with the ambi soap twice a day for best results! This will help lighten up the pigment of the area, as well as lock in moisture! You can find it at walmart! Good luck!

  3. How do I lighten dyed black hair?
    I tried Suave clarifying shampoo and Dawn dish soap. It lightened a little but its still mostly black. I was thinking maybe trying lemon juice. Does anybody have ideas? I got my hair dyed yesterday at a salon trying to get my natural dark brown hair but it turned out black :( .. I heard you have to do these things quick to lighten it.

  4. How to get dyed black hair brown again?
    I dyed my once brown hair black about 5 months ago, and I wanted to dye it light brown. But without completely killing my hair. Any suggestions on products I can use?? Do I need to bleach or strip the color?? Will bleaching kill my hair?? How much will all this cost?? Because I cant really afford to get it done professionally. Thanks.
    Since I dyed it months ago, It’s not as dark as it used to be. It’s lightened up just a little bit. Like it has little streaks of brown in it.

    • theres a couple ways to remove black.. which btw is the hardest color to remove.. one is to lighten it.. which if youv’e done it before . will fry your hair.. the next is to get a color remover. the thrid is called a soap cap.. and for that you need to go to a salon. a soap cap is a mixture of devoloper. lightenr clarifying shampoo and water.. i wont give porportions cuz you really have to be very carefull when using it . its a stylist secert

  5. Is it bad to use black soap everyday for the rest of my life?
    I was interested in starting to use black soap to clean my body when i shower. However, i realized it has a lightening effect and im scared that it could cause harm to my skin. Im only scared because i know some lightening creams cause cancer, so since black soap lightens my skin, i was worried it could have adverse effects too. the ingredients are all natural and from my research it seems to be really good for the skin. Im just scared that if i use this soap everyday, in 30 years i could develop some skin condition or god forbid, cancer.

  6. What should I use to lighten my skin?
    Should I use the Glutathione soap Swiss bar, black opal soap, or black licorice soap. I am black and 14 years old. Im not too dark but would like to be like 3 shades lighter and something like that.

    No BS answers please!

    • Try lemon or lime juice. It’s a natural bleach. I also use freshly cut lemons on my upper lip to lighten it. Apply lemon juice on your face at night though. If you apply it and go out in the sun, it’ll make you darker.

  7. How do you remove grease from shower curtains?
    My friend and I are at her dads house helping him clean the house. The house hasn’t been touch since his late wife has passed away Nov. 1990. The tub is clean BUT the shower curtain is nearly black due to grease I suppose. How do you remove the stain from the shower curtain? I have tried vinegar, grease lightening, soap. Your advice is greatly appreciated.
    Ohhh throwing away was hte first thing I wanted to do, but he doesn’t want to throw it away. I think he said, they paid something like $2 back then.

    • I would just throw it away and buy a new one, you can find really inexpensive ones. If you want to try to clean it, wash it in the washer in hot bleach water. If you have white towels throw a couple of them in there with the curtain.

  8. How to fade black hair without color stripper?
    I died my hair “soft black” by revlon, and then i used the garnier fructis golden brown, which said it removed black hair dye 3 shades lighter, but it only did it to some parts of my hair. How can i fade black hair?

    • No over the counter hair dye will fade dyed black hair. Your best bet is to slowly have chunks of “caramel” type color added and continue to lighten them over months or you will fry your hair and trust me it is HELLLLL to repair. They say dawn dish soap will slightly help but I didnt see any results.

  9. How do i naturally remove black dye from my hair?
    My hair is naturally black , i got it dyed to a medium brown with light brown highlights for the summer and i dyed it black about 5 months ago. I want my naturally black hair without the dye. Links,website and youtube videos on how i can do this safely will help out a lot. Thank you to everyone who helps out with this one.

  10. How long does it take for black hair dye to fade out?
    I dyed my hair black back in October to November last year. I don’t remember the exact date or month. I am wondering if whether the black in my hair has already faded. My hair is naturally dark brown so I cannot really tell the difference. Now I want to dye my hair a lighter shade of dark brown than my original hair color, but I don’t want to use Color Oops or to strip the black color out of my hair.

    Any other advices, remedies or techniques would be great. Thanks.

    • My black faded in about 2 weeks after dying it over my dyed brown hair. I heard if you wash your hair with dish soap it may lighten it, but only if you more recently dyed it. You may have to just get it stripped, or bleach it out.. but that might do alot of damage to your hair.

  11. Is there another way to lighten black hair without bleaching?
    im going to dye my hair black, but i know i will want another color eventually. i will probably go to a salon when im sick of the black, but is there anyway to even get it like medium or dark brown without bleach? i just cant damage my hair anymore, bleach is not an option

    • Rest Assured if you are going to a salon to get your hair colored black, it WILL fade on its own.

      You can

      Use a clarying shampoo to spead the process, like Pert

      Wash with Dish Soap

      Go out in sun alot

      Wash your hair every day

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