22 thoughts on “Best Whitening Soap For Black People

  1. Does papaya soap work for black people?
    I’m dark-skinned, and I was trying to brighten my skin color about 2-5 shades lighter (depending on which shade I prefer). I just recently ordered Likas Papaya Herbal Whitening Soap, or something like that, because I was told that I could help brighten my overall skin tone. Does it really work? And I plan on using fading cream a little too.

    • why would you want to lighten your skin??? You are lucky to have dark skin think of all the girls who tan all there lifes just to be dark. Dark women are more beautifull than white girls anyway… but as for the soap it is pretty good soap and smells really nice so it would not hurt to give it a try.

  2. What is the cure for black spots which resulted from by dried healed pimples?
    My forehead has lots of this black spots which are actually dried or healed pimples. I am trying Olay Spot whitening treatment, but am really not sure if this working. Pls help!

    • the only thing you want to put on your face is cold water, never use soap…i never get spots. i have only used cold water all my life, over 50 years.

  3. What are the most effective products for whitening skin?
    I am trying to whiten skin overall (face and body), not brighten, not even out skin tone, or lighten dark spots or patches.

    I have used Bi-White Advanced from Vitchy, W, Claircilane from Orlane and Clear the Way from Elizabeth Arden all with no noticeable results.

    I do stay out of the sun and use a SPF 60 sunscreen when going out.

    Thank you for any suggestions.

    • Well, easy just try the kojic acid soap or either the black whitening soap,whitening lotion and whitening cream from Diana Stalder and under $30 you can get the whitening set of 3, cheaper in Price but very good quality authentic product and you can see the customers’ testimonials. You dont have to pay more money from the same quality products as well…

  4. How do you whiten a horses mane/tail without washing?
    I have a Christmas parade coming up and Rain, my Palomino, has a rather orange tail. It is too cool here to get her wet, so is there a way that I can whiten it without getting her wet?


  5. How do I lighten my hair and what is the lemon recipe?
    I have natural brown hair, but it’s dyed black and blond underneath. I haven’t dyed it in a while, so my color is coming back in but it’s taking too long. I want to lighten my hair naturally so I can dye it brown before school/pictures/orientation.

    I know you can squeeze lemon juice into a squirt bottle, spray it on your hair and sit in the sun for a while but is that all there is to it?

  6. I need an at home rememdy to get rid of my acne scars?
    I have acne scars and they’re not going away. I wash my face twice a day with black soap. Any suggestions? Also any suggestions on how to whiten my teeth?

  7. Will black licorice soap make my skin darker after I stop using it?
    I know if you use whitening products on the skin, if you stop using it or in the long term, your skin becomes darker then what you started with.
    Is it safe and natural to use black licorice soap? will my skin get darker then before if I stop using it?
    for those of you who don’t know, black licorice soap is a mild skin whitening soap.

    • As with all other skin bleaching products (and similarly, tanning products too), you need to maintain its whitening effect by using it regularly. Skin cells are continuously changing, and we are constantly shedding dead skin cells, which means that even though you lightened the skin layer that you have right now, in a couple of weeks (I believe it’s every 45 days, if I’m not mistaken), you’d have another layer, which would have your natural melanin – the substance that gives the skin its color. This is the same reason that self tanners are also temporary. I hope that was helpful

  8. how do i clean my silver necklace?
    my boyfriend kindly asked if he could clean my silver tiffany necklace and bracelet set yesterday.he couldn’t find the fairy liquid so used BLEACH!the set went black.i scrubbed for a while but no joy.then i left it in water.The black has gone a cream colour and it scrapes off.any suggestions on how to get it back to normal.

  9. How Long do you keep the Skin Whitening Forever E-book by Eden Diaz?
    Hi, I was just wondering how long you are able to keep the skin whitening e-book by Eden Diaz? Is it forever, and you just pay a one time fee, or do you keep it for two months then they take it back???
    Really confused.

  10. Can anyone tell me great skin whitening products that really work?
    hello. i have caramel colored skin, but it seems to get darker as i age. can anyone tell me what are the best kind of skin whitening products (used for the face) that can give you a milky rich glow?

    • Try to use the diana stalder products, they have the best whitening and very well know brand. Try the kojic acid soap or the black whitening soap, whitening cream and whitening lotion(whitening set of 3) just for $26.99. You cannot get cheaper than this site. They have varity of whitening bars of soap. You can check this site and also check the customers’ feedback.


  11. should i use whitening products to make scars on my face go away?
    i just treated my pimple-prone skin and now scars are visible. i was told to use whitening products to even out skin tone. is this true or should i use other type of skin products?

    • here’s what you can do for dark acne marks –

      use a mild skin lightening soap (black licorice soap) and/or dermaline skin whitening cream to lighten dark acne spots..
      plus a high spf sunscreen to prevent further pigmentation or sun damage to acne scars.
      it’s how i did it. :-)

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