10 thoughts on “Bleaching Cream For Private Areas

  1. can anybody tell me whether the use of bleach on private parts is safe or not?
    I ve been using hair removing creams on my private parts which has darkened those areas…now i want the skin colour back…anyway it is possible?…help!

  2. How can you try and whiten your private part?
    My private part is a little too black how can I get rid of that and make it look like the porn stars? Plz help

    • Hi I heard you can bleach your crack, not sure about the front but the back definitely. I remember kourtney on keeping up w/ the kardashians said she bleached her crack and scott’s too lol
      I just googled and found this: http://www.shopinprivate.com/anbleaccream.html lol but I’m pretty sure you can find other creams. If you have any hairs you really have to wax instead of shaving because w/shaving it only takes off surface hair so any hairs under the skin will make it appear darker.
      If it’s not because of hair, check on youtube for a NATURAL way to lighten dark underarms and use it down there. But please BE CAREFUL the area is really sensitive which is why it’s better to skip chemicals and go w/ naturals. Make sure the ingredient doesn’t burn the skin. All I know right now is that honey and lemon are 2 possibilities, I watched that video a REALLY long time ago don;t really remember much.

  3. what will get rid of the skin discolouration on my vagina?
    does anyone know how i can lighten the area in my privates, it is really dark and makes me feel uncomfortale, will something like sudocrem work or vaginal bleaching? is vaginal bleaching safe? does anyone know any good products that can be used or be the solution?

    i really need answers, this makes me feel very insecure about my body x

    • Yes, you can bleach the area externally with special prescription bleaching creams. It will take a while to get the desired effect, is expensive and can irritate the skin in the process of bleaching.

  4. Private area bleaching. What kind of cream works the best?
    Well, my private areas & my nipples are really dark and unattractive. What kind of cream would work effectively to lighten those areas?

  5. I would like use a skinbleaching cream that is effective and ment for private areas of the body?
    chivo Montijo: Does anyone have personal experiance with a bleaching cream for private areas? If so, did it work and was it safe whats it named?

    • LOL, I think the Asker was asking something else and NOT about acne. There are bleaching kits that porn stars use to make their pink parts match their skin color better. I myself haven’t tried it (don’t think it would be very good on a brown person). There is a brand called Pink Cheeks I see around.

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