10 thoughts on “Over The Counter Skin Whitening Creams

  1. Is it good to apply any other cream under my sunscreen?
    if we can then what cream should be applied to make skin whiten and fairer?

    • If you are looking to whiten skin, you want a cream with hydroquinone. Be careful though because hydroquinone is a suspected carcinogen. You can find over the counter versions of this cream with up to a 2% concentration which is really all you need but a doctor or dermatologist can prescribe you a higher concentration.

      If you are already pale you may want to try a product like Dermalogica Chromawhite tRx which has licorice root to naturally lighten skin. It does not work well on darker skin because it may leave a grey cast to the skin but if you are already on the lighter side, it works great.

      There is also BB cream if you’re interested in a makeup to help lighten (treat) and lighten with makeup.

      Hope I helped! :)

  2. What are the best over the counter creams or oils used to effectively whiten your skin?
    I have been using a bleaching cream called Othine with little results. I want something more effective.

  3. What skin lightening product is best?
    I want to become a few shades lighter-like the skin colour that’s underneath my arms…or hidden beneath clothes. I’ve been considering skin lightening/whitening creams but don’t believe they actually worked-or that my skin would be toned.
    Has anyone tried something that worked? How long did it take for your results? How many shades lighter?

  4. How can I make my skin look lighter on my cheeks?
    Bcuz I have rosachea I am lucky that only my cheeks are red, is there anyway to make my cheeks look lighter without make up? I dont wanna use any powerful creams just in case they make me skin more thinner then it already is. Im light skinned so it stands out, ive heard about this olay skin whitening cream, would this work? Ive tried drinking water and eating healthy food but that doesnt seem to take the redness away, any ideas?

    • See your doctor for rosacea treatments. They have new options now.

      There isn’t any way to lighten rosacea with other the counter creams. Skin lightening creams won’t work because they work on melanin and that isn’t what causes the “pink” from rosacea.

      You might consider make up. There are many that look totally natural and last all day. Revlon Colorstay is one, especially the stick version. Pick “nude” or “buff” color. It lasts 16 hours. Use a foam sponge to blend and work quickly, it sets in 60 seconds.

  5. What are effective skin whitening products?
    Id’d like my skin white, what is the most effective skin whitening product should I use?

    • If you are looking to lighten major spots you have to see a dermatologist. Otherwise any over the counter product containing hydroquinone(spelling) will work, but you aren’t supposed to use long-term. I think our older relatives used Porcelana or something like that and I think QVC sells some sort of hand cream by one of their celebrity people that lightens skin.

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