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    How do I dye a African Americans black hair blonde.?
    I would like to die my boyfriends small sized afro blonde. I have realized I need to bleach it, my hair is also bleached but mine is permed. His hair is a natural Afro. I am asking for a step by step process on what to buy & how to bleach it. Any links of videos and/or step by step processes to bleach natural African American hair.

    • ANSWER:
      First of all, Afri-Amer hairs are more coarse and get damaged faster than Asian or Indian hairs. That means chemicals are faster to get their hair more brittle and breaks easily specially if they have relaxers already on their hair.

      Call the 1-800# found on the box of dye or email them, (to find #, go online & search the brand if you don't have the box) they're the hair color experts they can advice you best.

      Playing with chemicals is not like playing with clothes, or doing a manicure, there are penalties for playing chemicals in the lab. Even hair color experts at the salon are not rocket scientists, they do a bang up dye jobs to their clients or their own hair.
      Example: "My hair is right about armpit length as it is, but I've severely damaged it by bleaching it all at once. As a student of cosmetology myself, I would have to say that it was probably one of the worst mistakes I could have ever made."
      Another example: ok i did my hair yesterday i DIDN'T bleach it ,but im not sure what its called but she took the color out of my hair and then dies it a blond color and my head was on fire it killed me so after that i hated my hair color so i colored it my self a darker color, it looked so ugly and it burned me again it rully hrt so after i washed it my mom checked it for me and found small spots of blood all over my top scalp like over 20 of em now im scared and don't know why its there is it from the color am i sick and something is wrong ??

      Chemicals can enter the body through the skin.

      Google: Teen 'feared she would die' after reaction to hair dye
      The allergic reaction was caused by a well-known brand of semi-permanent hair dye Chloe used to turn her hair black for a Hallowe’en party. . . . . called for beauty bosses to ban hair dye chemical PPD (para-phenylenediamine) from the shelves. 11-04-11

      The chemical is not new and is present in a number of brands of dark hair colours, acting to help adhere the dye to the hair so that it doesn't wash out. It’s made from coal tar and is used in both permanent and semi-permanent hair colours. It’s well-known to be a cause of serious allergic reactions -- including something called contact dermatitis which can lead to rashes, blisters, and open sores.
      PPD is sometimes added to black henna tattoos and that using them is not safe. Allergic reactions usually begin within two to 10 days following application. One bad reaction can lead to sensitivities to other products such as hair dye, sunblock and some types of clothing dyes. Oftentimes, it's using the product a second or third time.

      Google: A 38-year old mother left in a coma after using hair dye. 11-22-11. SHE DYED HER HAIR MANY TIMES BEFORE, USING THE SAME BRAND.

      Permanent black hair dye is linked to causing leukemia and lymphomas.

      Google Salon Hair Dye Lawsuits. About 336,000 results (0.17 seconds) Dec. 2011
      When it comes to hair care treatments, product use or visits to a salon or spa, the consumer must take responsibility to do their homework and be aware of all the risks involved.
      Vanessa Minnillo Lachey: "I dated a guy once who wanted me to have blonde hair. Clearly, he was the wrong guy for me! I went to a lady who bleached my hair and it literally fell out. So, not only did I go back to my natural hair, I broke up with the guy!"

      One example: MY HAIR DRESSER DYED MY HAIR GREY. I've been crying for the last 2 hours, I want to kill that bish for destroying what was amazing bleach blonde hair. AND to make things worse, she cut my extensions WAY too short.

      Google & search for Hair Dye & Relaxers.
      Google: Hair Dye FAQ's Are Hair Dyes Safe?

    Bleaching Ends of Black African American Hair?
    I wanna bleach the ENDS of my hair, not my whole head. So my maybe 1-2 inches. My hair is naturally black and very kinky/curly and thick. It's about shoulder length when its semi straightened. I don't perm.

    So how should I go about doing this? I've done a lot of research but I'm still not quite sure. I know its damaging for your hair, but if I just do the tips I don't think I could create that much havoc. I think I'd probably have to use 40 volume since my hairs so dark. Product recommendations, how to do my ends, and tips on maintaining, and links, would all be helpful! Thanks!

    BTW I don't perm but I do flat iron quite a lot, but I also use a good leave in conditioner.

    • ANSWER:
      if you havent dyed your hair before then it will be fine to just bleach the ends of your hair but you may need to do it a couple of times to get it brighter and leave it on longer than the box says to make it better, i bleach my hair every 6 weeks and my hair gets quite dry so i use aussie 3 minute miracle deep conditioner and its back to normal (:

    Bleaching african american hair?
    I wanna dye my hair a dark blue, but I might have to beach my black/dark brown hair first.
    I'm willing to take the risks, because I can't afford to go to a salon atm and I really want to do our for my last year of high school!

    • ANSWER:
      Our hair is dry to begin with, bleaching it and dyeing it will dry it out to a crisp. If your willing to do irreversible damage to your hair which may result in you getting the look you want and your hair breaking off to the point where you might have to shave it off in a couple weeks and be nearly bald for the rest of the school year, go for it! Or you could just get some blue clip ins or a dark blue weave or henna which will give your hair a dark blue glow. Good luck!

    Bleaching and Dying African American hair?
    So my friend and I are planning on bleaching and dying her hair soon. she has really think African American hair that she has previously dyed black. So i have a few questions in regards to this....

    1. Will the bleach work even though her hair was previously dyed?
    2. Should we bleach it in sections?
    3. Will dying and bleaching it all in one night make her hair fall out?
    4. Will just one bleaching make her hair blonde/light orange/ light brown? Light enough to were we could dye it a medium to light brown?

    Thank you for you answers =)

    • ANSWER:
      1. Bleach will still work, maybe too well.
      2. Don't bleach it in sections if you want even colour. But definitely worth doing a strand test with a bit of hair on the nape of the neck.
      3. It could do. I suggest you bleach it first, give it a few days - or even a wek - to recover then put the dye on.
      4. Bleach is bleach, the longer you leave it on the more colour will be stripped. Be warned this will significantly weekaen the hair. You said it's thick, it will probably be less so after this.

      I would strongly advise you to get this done at a salon, or maybe with a friend who's training in hair? It sounds like your freind has gorgeous hair and it would be a shame to ruin it, and have a bald Xmas. (Sayign that, I am a Black female with almost no hair, and I always get compliments)

how to bleach african american black hair

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