Facial Hair Bleach For African Americans

Frequently Asked Questions

    Do facial hair bleaches work on african american women???
    i would like to know ( like sally hansen or somehting)

    i prefer answeres from african american woman that have tried

    • ANSWER:
      yes! and i'm dark skinned

    I'm African American, can I pull off lilac hair?
    So my hair is coming back in really nicely so really don't want to do anything to my own hair. So I came up with the idea to buy a wig and color it lilac. If I choose a synthetic wig what ink dye can I use on it and if I choose human hair should I buy a platinum one and bleach it and use toner on it til it's white and dye it the color I want or untreated wig and do the same process. Both to be honest can be time consuming the difference is cost. So which should I do??( I tried a purple wig the color doesn't bother me )

    • ANSWER:
      You could dye the wig if it's made of human hair, or just use a wig that's already lilac. I'm sure it's look nice because it would probably contrast really pretty with your skin tone c: But then everyone's different. It depends on your facial structure and things like that too

    Can black (african american) women bleach facial hair to make it less noticeable?
    Or will it just turn blond or something and just look weird because you can still see it?

    • ANSWER:
      Bleaching makes it blond. She would just draw more attention to it.

    marine question about hair?
    I am a female
    african american
    leave for boot camp soon....

    there hasn't been questions or people that have had my minor hair dilemma.
    what do i do? i am getting my hair done for tomorrow. my hair is already short [not really capable of putting it into a ponytail] but i am thinking of cutting it "rhianna" or "keri hilson" short. is this a good idea? i know since my hair texture is different manging it will be harder than others in boot camp. so any advice? also i've been wanting to get hightlights or what ever. can i get them or do i have to wait?

    hair is not really something im worried about at boot camp but i need to know how to take care of it so it wont become a problem...if ur not being helpful don't bother to answer...
    thanks brian h for the help

    excuse me but i meant that others that have hair question were not "black" and their hair maintaince doesn't take the same amount of effort as it would for me. and u weren't at all helpful..why bother to be rude?

    • ANSWER:
      Here are exerts that apply... Either way I suggest you read the whole thing. At boot they will give you a haircut

      a. No eccentricities in the manner of wearing head, facial, or body hair
      will be permitted. If applied, dyes, tints, bleaches and frostings, which
      result in natural colors, are authorized. The hair color must complement the
      person's complexion tone. Color changes that detract from a professional
      image are prohibited. Fingernails will be kept clean and neatly trimmed so
      as not to interfere with performance of duty, detract from military image or
      present a safety hazard. Nail polish for male Marines is not allowed. Nail
      polish as it applies to female Marines will fall under standards in
      subparagraph 1004.5.c(5).
      c. The requirement for hair regulations is to maintain uniformity
      within a military population. Women's hairstyles require non-eccentric
      styles. Female Marines will be well groomed at all times and when in uniform
      will abide by the following:
      (1) Hair may touch the collar, but will not fall below the collar's
      lower edge. Hair that would fall naturally below the collar's lower edge
      will be neatly and inconspicuously fastened or pinned. During physical
      training periods in which physical training clothing is worn, hair will be
      allowed to fall naturally, without being fastened or pinned. This does not
      apply when conducting physical training in the utility uniform.
      (2) Hair will be styled so as not to interfere with the proper wear
      of the uniform headgear. All headgear will fit snugly and comfortably around
      the largest part of the head without distortion or excessive gaps.
      Hairstyles, which do not allow the headgear to be worn in this manner, are
      (3) Faddish and exaggerated styles to include shaved portions of the
      scalp other than the neckline, designs cut in the hair, unsecured ponytails
      and styles which are distinctly unbalanced or lopsided are prohibited.
      Multiple braiding is authorized. If hair extensions are used in the braiding
      of the hair, the extensions must have the same general appearance as the
      individual's natural hair. Braided hairstyles will be conservative, and
      conform to other guidelines listed herein.
      (4) Barrettes, combs, rubber bands, etc. are authorized, if
      concealed by the hair. Inconspicuous hair pins and bobby pins, if required,
      are authorized. Hair nets will not be worn unless authorized for a specific
      type of duty. Wigs, if worn in uniform, must look natural and conform to the
      above regulations.
      (5) Cosmetics, if worn, will be applied conservatively and will
      complement the individual's complexion tone. Exaggerated or faddish cosmetic
      styles are inappropriate with the uniform and will not be worn. If worn,
      nail polish and non-eccentric in shades of red may be worn with all uniforms.
      Colored nail polish will not be worn with the utility uniform. Fingernails
      with multiple colors and decorative ornamentation are prohibited. Nail
      length will be no longer than 1/4 inch from the tip of the finger.

      (6) No female Marine will be required to remove leg hair except
      where considered unsightly and cannot be covered with appropriate hosiery as
      described in subparagraph 3027.5.

facial hair bleach for african americans

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