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  1. How to get rid of dark freckles?
    I know a lot of people ask this, but I think my case is a little different. So i tan, naturally during the summer and i only burn on shoulders because i rarely expose my shoulders to sun(they’re still tan). I started Retin-A cream for acne and some bacterial medicine(internal) and I started avoiding the sun because it causes burns I heard. Then I got off for a while and decided to play tennis outside and suddenly got some dark spots. Not big or oddly shaped, but they bother me. About 10 on my arms and a few on my legs. I want to lighten or rid of them. Any help. I theorized that this summer if I get lots of sun my skin will handle the sun better at the same time this seems stupid. -_- help me. i prefer at home remedies, but don’t mind products if they are worth it

    • I buy really cheap Ultra Glow Black Soap. It fades dark spots and you can get it at walmart for like $2 in the black hair care section. I played softball and cheered and did dance team for years and have an in ground pool so I see a lot of sun. I stopped doing sports in college but I’m starting to become more active with bikes. Just shower with it and use it on your face too. It helps with acne and my freckles and skin discolorations from the sun.

  2. How to get rid of the marks that the birth control patch leaves on your skin?
    Ive been using the Othro Evra patch for about 4 months, as i change my patch weekely i noticed that the patch is leaving an outline mark of the patch on my skin. its almost like a “band-aid” mark but its permenent. is there any way to prevent these marks are some way to make them go away?

    • I had to use a patch for blood pressure meds while I was pregnant and it left a mark on my arm. I tried some things and the only thing that worked for me was “Black Soap” Ultra Glow. You could buy it at Walgreen’s or even Walmart. Its in the black products section. It evens out the other marks you may have on your skin also without worrying about getting sun damage like bleaching cream can do.

  3. Where can I buy Black african soap? (in the u.s)?
    I DON’T WANT TO GET IT ONLINE. can i get it at walmart? (no African vendors where i live..)

    • Walmart carry the Brand called Ultra Glow Black soap

      also Walmart carry White and black < Black soap with Vitamin E cost $3 each.

      Also Target stores carry Shea moisture African Black soap cost $6 a big Bar.

      you find African Black soap at WHole foods and Vitamin Shoppe stores.

  4. What colors glow under a black light?
    My sweet sixteen is based on black lights. i want to stand out & im going to have make up that looks like this… http://www.leonrainbow.com/projects/rock-ya-body/ryb-black-light-party/
    so, for my dress what color should i wear? i was thinking pink & white. i dont know… anything that glows & makes me stand out! also were could i find a make up artist to do my makeup & what things glow under black light that i can use as decorations. thankss :)

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